SensiMapTM Formulating Concept - We'd Like Your Feedback

Thank you for you interest in the SensiMapTM Formulating Concept.

*1. In which industry do you work? Raw material supplier
Contract packer
Finished goods producer
*2. What is your primary formulating area? Skin
Color Cosmetics
2A. If skin, what product type? Eye
*3. What market do you typically formulate for?
*4. What do you like about the SensiMap┐ formulating concept?
*5. What would you like to see changed about the SensiMap┐ formulating concept?
*6. What is the key message that you have received from the SensiMap┐ formulating concept?
*7. How do you envision the SensiMap┐ formulating concept helping you formulate?
*8. Do you have ideas on how to use the SensiMap┐ formulating concept to change the way you formulate?  Yes (please comment below)  No
*9. What else would you like to see included in the SensiMap┐ formulating concept?
*10. Have you previously considered the impact of rheology modifiers on sensory properties? Yes
*11. Were you previously aware of our line of Schercemol┐ esters? Yes
*12. Briefly describe the process you use to select sensory ingredients for a given formulation ...
*13. Please list your most commonly used sensory modifiers, and why you choose each of these ...
14. Additional comments ...
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